Vote for hockey in Belgium

No, this isn't about politics, its' about hockey...

My club is involved in a contest where the big prize is a countrywide publicity campaign. We participate because if we win this thing, it will create good exposure and visibility for our favourite sports in Belgium. It's a bit a tough job to promote hockey over here, so that would be a great happening for us Belgian hockeyfans and a good push into the right direction. We have a rather small competition but we do work hard to get hockey in the picture, and to offer as much as possible practice & opportunities to our youngsters. Some of them are getting at really good international level. And it's big fun anyway.

We're backed by our federation and by some press, and I've sent out emails calling for support around the globe, I think to almost every club in Québec, France, Germany, the UK, FInland, Czech Republic, put messages on many forums all around Europe and indeed we get a lot of support.  I've registered myself on message boards of almost every NHL team, & put my call on it. But still this doesn't seem to be enough to win this game.

To cut a long story short: the contest is a purely commercial thing but we have to go through it to achieve our goals.

The objective is that as many people as possible vote for us. Over 4,000 already did so, from almost everwhere in the world but I guess we need some 1,000 more doing the same. The contest stops on Aug 31, 16pm local time. Here's in brief how to proceed to vote correctly, it's a Dutch language website: first go to ours then click on the blue/white shower gel & deo brand logo on the start page, this leads directly to our picture. Then click "stem voor deze ploeg" (= "vote for this team") & fill out female (V) / male (M), email address & security code, & confirm with "stemmen" (= "vote"). If after that you just exit no spam follows (at least I didn't get any).

Feel free to post your comment at "reacties" just above our picture. It's always nice to know where our friends are from!

I would be very grateful to all of you who can help me boost this thing up. 

PS nice to reads :

support from HockeyHebdo (French):,8288.html  and,436.html

IIHF news on Belgian Championship outcome:



Bart De Keyser

Vice President, Public Relations

 Ice Hockey Club Leuven Chiefs, Belgium

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