Just finished watching the Memorial Cup game with the West (Kootenai Ice) defeating the (East) Owen Sound Attack.

First... all teams in this junior hockey national championship deserve a huge applaud for pretty much killing themselves for the past 7 or 8 months of serious banging, crashing, travelling by bus in frigid weather etc.

THE PROBLEM IS ... the crazy sports commentators who for some reason respond with "how they THINK local markets" may want them to respond.  (HOMERS)

Doug McLean (finally got around to it) was the most factual of the panel of three... Kypryous. shame on you, and I don't even know the other guy... unbelievable post game comments!!

How do you guys spend the first 5 minutes  or more after the game explaining "what a great job and team the Owen Sound guys are"  when they lose 7-3!

I would suspect first you compliment the winning team and spend a few minutes immediately stating what they did to win, then spend a few minutes explaining your views on why the other team lost and then finish with facts about how hard the tournament and games are to win.

This week there seemed to be few comments about the back to back games Kootenai had after travelling the longest distance just to get to MIssissauga.

The players on these two teams know what happened and I bet they don't start whining to each other when they lose. There are no excuses in playoff sports.  You win or you lose.  Period.  Any whining is done privately over a bunch of beer, lots of young ladies and... maybe a couple of fights or crazy antics.

The panel needs to revisit why they are earning good money to comment on games.  I lost a lot of respect for Kypryous (yes, I probably spelled your name wrong... but I'm too lazy to check it and fix it).  Honesty and Integrity boys!  That's all people will remember you for.


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