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IIHF Calls MHL Report Incorrect

I've got an update concerning the report from the MHL website (Russia's top junior hockey league) that the city of Omsk had been awarded the right to host the first ever Youth World Cup.  A spokesperson for the IIHF sent me an email this morning saying that the information was incorrect, and that no decision has been made by the IIHF as to their involvement in this event, as well as there has yet to be confirmation from the participating nations in this event.

In short, the MHL website jumped the gun on this, and although the proposal seems to be quite in line with previous reports on the matter, this event is still in the planning stages.  We have no idea whether or not there will be a Canadian junior team participating in a tournament against a MHL team, or if a Swedish SuperElit team will also be taking part, for that matter. 

I apologize if the information I provided got anyone overly excited, but hey...  if a league's official website has it, I'm going to at least bring it to people's attention, especially since there was buzz about the event being planned. 

So, I guess, what do people think about the proposed event?  Can it be done?  I've heard the event would be in late August/early September, which would fit in with any junior hockey team's preseason timetable.  And certainly the Russian federation has done the CHL favours in the past, what with sending a team over to participate in the Subway Super Series every year, helping the CHL make some money.  Is this a good way for the CHL to return the favour?