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IIHF U20 WJHC/Spengler Cup Day 2 GDT:

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Today's games aren't televised, aside from the Spengler Cup, and I'm too late for the first one.

Spengler Cup

Sparta Prague 3 vs. HC Geneva-Servette 4

Geneva gets rewarded with a win after a hard fought loss yesterday against SKA St. Petersburg.  Tomorrow, Prague will take on St. Petersburg and if they win, goal differential could determine who gets the bye to the semifinal. 

Team Canada vs. Spartak Moscow

We get our first look on TV of Head Coach Mark Messier and his crew of NLA All-Stars, with AHL goalie Jeff Deslauriers on hand as well to help out.  Moscow lost to HC Davos yesterday 4-2, and while a loss doesn't eliminate them, it'd be a nice boost for the team.  I assume we're about to see Dominik Hasek in one of his last  North American television appearances.


Slovakia Sk_medium vs. Germany  De_medium, 7:00 EST at HSBC Arena in Buffalo

A big game for both teams, especially Germany, whose comeback bid vs. Switzerland came up short.  A loss here would certainly put Germany in the relegation pool.  Slovakia is making their tournament debut, and if they plan on making the quarterfinals, this is a win they need.

Czech Republic Cz_medium vs. Norway  No_medium, 7:00 EST at Dwyer Arena in Niagara

Tournament debut for the Czechs, who should be able to handle the weak Norway team.  The Czechs surprised some people with their strong play in the pre-tournament games.

Stick around to talk about the games!