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Globetrotting: Around the World Juniors, Day Two

Here's a sampling of some of what's being said around the world about the action on and off the ice at the 2011 IIHF U20 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo and Niagara, New York. 

Why Buffalo Works for the WJC " The United States of Hockey
Some people were slamming Saskatoon last year as a host due to the empty seats compared to Ottawa, so anyone taking on an arrogant Ottawa Citizen writer is alright in my books. "While folks like Sutcliffe will point to empty seats and a sea of red jerseys, I point to the games being on NHL Network in the U.S., the growing Twitter following of the event, the interest on message boards and blogs, and heck… the fact that people read this blog at all. There’s also more interest than ever in the NHL Draft, NCAA hockey, junior hockey and the international game. It’s not all about what’s happening in Buffalo. It’s about progress. And we’re making plenty of progress. Hosting the tournament in the U.S. helps fuel that progress."

WJC 2011: Team USA's Etem not a fan of Buffalo? - Buzzing The Net - Junior Hockey  - Yahoo! Sports
A look into the infamous Emerson Etem Tweet story. Hopefully this is the last day I post something on here about someone slamming Buffalo. - Honejsek s Rachůnkem oprášili zlínskou spolupráci. Mazanec byl rád, že tým ustál tlak
A nervous Czech team was sparked by the reuniting of one time teammates Antonin Honejsek and Tomas Rachunek. With one win under their belt, the Czechs claim to be more relaxed. Are they relaxed enough to take on Canada?

SVK - GER - - slovenský športový portál - Juniorské MS v hokeji 2011
A recap of the Slovakia/Germany game from a Slovak point of view. The team was warned before the game about Phillipp Grubaurer's talent by team captain Richard Panik, while the Slovak players were also impressed with the work of their own goaltender, Dominik Riecicky. OT hero Marek Hrivik put it bluntly, saying the Slovaks hadn't played their best game.

‘Team Canada Way’ is often a ticket to gold -
A look inside the details that Team Canada goes through in order to prepare their team for gold. - Lehner redo att debutera
Robin Lehner of Sweden is ready for his U20 debut against Russia tonight, saying he's fully healed from a cut he received on his glove hand in the pre-tournament game against Canada. And that this year is a lot better than last year, when he had to "pour chocolate milk and make sandwiches" for his teammates as the third goalie.

Ortio jatkaa Nuorten Leijonien maalilla - katso kokoonpano! - - Urheilu - Jääkiekko - Leijonat
Looking for a broadcast of today's Switzerland/Finland game? Here's a feed out of Finland (will require payment).