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IIHF U20 WJHC/Spengler Cup Day 4 GDT

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It's a lighter day of action at the WJHC, while the Spengler Cup eliminates two teams with the quarterfinals. 

Spengler Cup

Geneve-Servette 2, Spartak Moscow 0

Geneve-Servette reached the semifinal, where they will face another Russian team, SKA St. Petersburg in an attempt to reach the final.  Tobias Stephan pitched the shutout, sending Dominik Hasek's current team back to the KHL without a win.  The Geneve-Servette/SKA St. Petersburg semifinal will go tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST (3:00 PM GMT+1).

Team Canada vs. Sparta Prague

After losing yesterday to the hosts HC Davos, Canada will have to try and win this tournament by playing five games in five nights.  This is the third game in three games, so we'll have to see if fatigue is starting to set in for these players.  Prague has yet to win, and is also playing their third game in three nights, so if one team gets the lead, it might be tough for either team to stage a comeback.  The winner will play HC Davos tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT+1).

World Juniors

Finland Fi_medium (1-0-1-0) vs. Germany  De_medium (0-0-1-1), 3:30 PM EST at HSBC Arena in Buffalo

The Germans hung tough with Switzerland and Slovakia, but only managed one point in those two games.  That likely means the relegation round awaits, since getting points against Finland and the USA could be very tough.  You never though, though, but Phillipp Grubaurer will definitely be put to the test here.  The Finns are in the driver's seat for second in the group, so we'll see if they go full out for that position or if they lay off the gas a bit after games against the Americans and Swiss.

Norway No_medium  (0-0-0-2) vs. Canada  Ca_medium  (2-0-0-0), 7:30 PM EST at HSBC Arena in Buffalo

Not a lot of hype surrounding this one.  Unfortunately, this is one of those games where the most interesting parts of it will surround just how big of a blowout it will be.  Maybe Canada won't be too concerned about running up the score, since yesterday's Sweden-Russia result meant that there won't be a three way tie between Canada, Russia and Sweden for first, so goal differential shouldn't be an issue.  Canada will be without Zack Kassian in this game, which isn't a huge issue, but also will be without him for the New Year's Eve game against Sweden. 

Will anyone top Brayden Schenn's five point performance today?  That's another storyline to follow for the night.  Jaden Schwartz is doubtful to play, but Calvin de Haan should return.  Mark Visentin will play goal for Canada, making his first start.