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IIHF WC Game Day 9/Moncton vs. Calgary Memorial Cup Open Thread

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Can the German fans help their team upset Russia?  (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Can the German fans help their team upset Russia? (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

If you're up for the early games, realize it's the relegation round today.  Of course, that means Team USA's surprising presence in the round, as they take on Team Kazakhstan...  surely they should be able to score some goals today.  Universal Sports is your broadcaster of Team USA games.  The other early game is between France and Italy.  If you want to watch that game, you'll have to go to the IIHF website.  The relegation action has the tournament start new for these teams...  no carryover points at all, which hurts USA because they were the only team to get points in the preliminary round of the 4. 

The later games today (2:15 PM EST) should be better.  The star studded Russian team takes on the host Germans.  Can Germany's defensive posture hold off Russia's offence?  Also going at 2:15 today is Switzerland vs. the Czech Republic, in what should be a highly competitive game.

The big news of the tournament today is that Norwegian captain Tommy Jakobsen has been kicked out of the tournament for his abuse of official penalty in the game against Canada yesterday.  The disciplinary panel determined his shoulder shove to be deliberate, which ends Jakobsen's 18th World Championship appearance after just 4 games. 

Kick back and spend your day here, hockey fans...  there's no NHL games today!

EDIT:  I guess I wasn't expecting the Memorial Cup game today to be an afternoon affair.  They could have had saturday night to themselves.  So we're adding Moncton/Calgary to this thread as well.  Game is at 3 PM EST, and is webcast on Sportsnet.  

UPDATE:  USA finally wins in rout of Kazakhstan, France survives late Italian push

USA 10, Kazakhstan 0:  A hat trick from Matt Gilroy, plus a combined shutout by Scott Clemmensen and Ben Bishop proved the USA are a lot better than their competition in the relegation round.  Of note, Chris Kreider, the 20 year old star of the American gold medal winning 2010 WJC team, scored the final goal for USA.

France 2, Italy 1:  An early third period power play goal by Laurent Gras proved the difference as France puts themselves in a position to earn a spot in next year's Championships in Slovakia.  Italy/Kazakhstan tomorrow becomes a must win for both teams, and even that might not be enough.