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IIHF WC Game Day 10, Brandon/Moncton at Memorial Cup

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Big slate of games today, starting ridiculously early.  USA/France and Italy/Kazakhstan run at 6:15 AM EST, followed by Denmark/Russia and Latvia/Norway at 10:15 AM EST.  The IIHF action ends with Germany/Belarus and Sweden/Canada at 2:15 PM EST.  We'll know a lot about who is moving forward and who isn't at the IIHF Worlds by the end of the day for sure.

The Memorial Cup continues with a battle of the two winless teams, QMJHL champion Moncton and host Brandon.  Whoever loses won't be completely done, as Windsor lost the first two games at last year's Memorial Cup before winning 4 straight to win it all, but that was the only time that has ever happened, so this is a huge game for both the teams.

Universal Sports should cover the really early USA game, while Sweden/Canada will be covered on TSN.  The IIHF should cover all the other games at the World Championships, while Sportsnet is your place to go for the Memorial Cup.