The IIHF World Ranking: Part II


With Russia's 2-1 victory over the Germany, they move onto the gold medal game Sunday
and leapfrog past Canada for first place in the IIHF World Ranking. via


2011 World Championship Participating Countries

World Rank Country Points (Win Sunday/Lose Sunday)
1 Russia 4020 / 3980
2 Canada 3970
3 Sweden 3845 / 3825
4 Finland 3805
5 Czech Republic 3785 / 3745
6 USA 3650
7 Switzerland 3540
8 Slovakia 3405
9 Germany 3380 / 3360
10 Belarus 3360
11 Norway 3305
12 Latvia 3265
13 Denmark 3185
14 Austria 2935
15 France 2900
19 Slovenia 2730

Austria and Slovenia qualified for next year's World Championship by finishing first in their respective groups of this year's Division I tournament. The Division I tournament is for the twelve best nations that did not qualify for the World Championship. Italy and Kazakhstan, who both participated in the World Championship this year, will be relegated to Division I for 2011 after finishing with a bottom two placing in the standings.


Russia moved back into first place in the World Ranking after Canada had a brief three month stay atop the standings following their gold medal in the Olympics. USA falls to sixth after a disappointing 13th place showing in Germany this year. The Czech Republic will move up to fifth place as a result of the Americans' shocking finish.

Sweden slides up into third after winning in the quarterfinal round; they will finish ahead of Finland regardless of their result tomorrow against the German team. Germany will move up three spots to ninth as a reward for making it to the bronze medal game; they would have moved up an unheard of four places to eighth had they got by the Russians earlier today.

As a result, Belarus, Norway, and Latvia will each slide down one spot. Switzerland and Slovakia will also flop places in the standings, courtesy of a fifth place finish by the Swiss.


2011 World Championship Groupings

Group A (Bratislava) Group B (Kosice) Group C (Kosice) Group D (Bratislava)
Russia (1) Canada (2) Sweden (3) Finland (4)
Slovakia (8) Switzerland (7) USA (6) Czech Republic (5)
Germany (9) Belarus (10) Norway (11) Latvia (12)
Slovenia (19) France (15) Austria (14) Denmark (13)

Come back Monday as we take a look at how the play of some countries this year affected which group they will be placed in next year in Slovakia.

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