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World Championship Bronze & Gold Medal Game Day Thread

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It's been an interesting couple of weeks around these parts, and the game day threads have seen a great response so far.  This is our last one for the Worlds (I'll set up a separate one for the Memorial Cup Final later today), so let's make it a good one.  The action starts early, but not as early as yesterday's semifinals, much to my relief.

Bronze Medal Game:  Sweden Se_medium vs. Germany De_medium (10:15 AM EST)

Both teams lost heartbreakers in the semifinals yesterday, with Sweden blowing the lead in regulation with eight seconds to play en route to a shootout loss, and Germany losing with 1:50 left to play after a turnover at their own blueline.  Can the teams recover for this game?  Will Dennis Endras start in goal for Germany after getting rested yesterday?  Will the Swedes turn to their youth like earlier in the tournament?

Gold Medal Game:  Russia Ru_medium vs. Czech Republic Cz_medium (2:15 PM EST)

Russia goes for their third straight World Championship title (having gone undefeated in that span), while the Czechs look for their first title since winning the stacked 2005 tournament (when there was no conflict with NHL playoffs due to the lockout).  The Czechs have had an amazing run considering they didn't clinch a berth in the playoff round until the final day of the round robin, but if they want to win in a shootout like their previous two games they'll have to keep it scoreless in OT for a full twenty minutes in this one.  Will Russia turn back to Semyon Varlamov in goal?  Are the Czechs just happy to make it to the final? 

Games are shown online on TSN, Universal Sports, and the IIHF websiteEDIT:  Apparently not on TSN.  That's dumb. 

Stay tuned for the Memorial Cup Final later, at 7:00 PM EST, as we have a full Championship Sunday on our plate!