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I can't embed the real "Vacation" video, but I kind of like this advert for the album.  Anyways, just to let you know I won't be around here for a little while.  I'm off to the Sasquatch! Music Festival in George, Washington, and then doing some sight seeing in the Pacific Northwest afterwards.  Fortunately for me, the Montreal Canadiens figured that I truly needed this vacation, and decided to end their season just in time for my departure.  I will be back for regular programming the week of June 7.

There are a couple of articles that are scheduled to be published in the meantime, but if you're wondering why I haven't responded to your queries, well, I'm going without my computer for the whole time as well.

It's been a great first month here at Puck Worlds with the launch, the World Championships, the Memorial Cup, and just being introduced to this whole community.  Feel free to post any suggestions for things you'd like to see around here in this thread...   I will eventually read them.  :)

In the meantime, if there is any breaking news items that you feel are relevant to what this blog represents, feel free to make use of the Fanposts or Fanshots.  Don't be shy!