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Well, I'm not going to lie.  I'm not expecting all of you that have stopped by to my little corner of the web in the past couple of weeks to continue throughout the next couple of months.  But it was nice having you for the past little while.  I've had hits from across the globe, in some really interesting spots.  Somewhat obscure places like St. Pierre and Miquelon, Greenland, and Trinidad have popped up on my visitor map, plus several decidedly small market hockey countries like Bangladesh, Greece, Angola and Ecuador.  These could simply be Canadians or Americans living abroad (or doing holiday travelling) and just wanting some info on their teams, but it's pretty fun to see none the less.  I've had regular visits from all of the countries involved in the tournament, and hopefully those people stick around for a while.  The international hockey season doesn't end with the U20 WJHCs, in fact, it really only just begins.  

I have some wrap up articles to still write, and I have a piece on the Women's Worlds U18 tournament going on in Stockholm right now that I better get up later today.  There are people from around the world interested in a lot of different types of international hockey tournaments, and hopefully this site will help out in providing information on them and maybe exposing you to ones you never knew about.  

I'd also like to thank all those blogs out there that helped out in linking to this site, and helped out with my preview series.  I definitely need to get a blogroll up on this site ASAP.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys next year in Edmonton and Calgary.