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IIHF World Championship Final Standings

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Bongarts/Getty Images

When all is said and done, this is how the countries sorted themselves out for the 2011 IIHF World Championship season.  After the jump, you can see all the standings from 17th through 43rd (and beyond):

2011 IIHF World Championships
Rank Country 2012 Tournament
Gold Finland Fi_medium Championship
Silver Sweden Se_medium
Bronze Czech Republic Cz_medium
4 Russia Ru_medium
5 Canada Ca_medium
6 Norway No_medium
7 Germany De_medium
8 United States of America Us_medium
9 Switzerland Ch_medium
10 Slovakia Sk_medium
11 Denmark Dk_medium
12 France Fr_medium
13 Latvia Lv_medium
14 Belarus By_medium
15 Austria At_medium
Division 1A
16 Slovenia Si_medium
Division 1A
17 Kazakhstan Kz_medium Championship
18 Italy It_medium Championship
19 Hungary Hu_medium Division 1A
20 Great Britain Gb_medium Division 1A
21 Ukraine Ua_medium Division 1A
22 South Korea Kr_medium Division 1B
23 Poland Pl_medium Division 1B
24 The Netherlands Nl_medium Division 1B
25 Lithuania Lt_medium Division 1B
26 Spain Es_medium Division 2A
27 Estonia Ee_medium Division 2A
28 Romania Ro_medium Division 1B
29 Australia Au_medium Division 1B
30 Croatia Hr_medium Division 2A
31 New Zealand Nz_medium Division 2A
32 Serbia Rs_medium Division 2A
33 Iceland Is_medium Division 2A
34 Belgium Be_medium Division 2B
35 China Cn_medium Division 2B
36 Mexico Mx_medium Division 2B
37 Bulgaria Bg_medium Division 2B
38 Ireland Ie_medium Division 3
39 Israel Il_medium Division 2B
40 South Africa Za_medium Division 2B
41 Turkey Tr_medium Division 3
42 Luxembourg Lu_medium Division 3
43 Greece Gr_medium Division 3
Japan Jp_medium Division 1A
DSQ North Korea Kp_medium Division 3
DSQ Mongolia Mn_medium Division 3


Japan did not participate in this year's championships due to the earthquake/tsunami that devastated the country in March.  As a result, they will officially be given 28th place, but next year will maintain the 21st seed they earned in 2010, and play in Division 1A as a result.