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World Championship: Day 4 Open Thread

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Sorry for the lateness here.  I had a wedding to attend this weekend, and admittedly some uh, 'quiet recovery time' was needed yesterday.  Then a certain news story broke late last night that distracted me quite a bit.  I'm okay now to quickly post this up so far.

Here were the weekend's scores.  Hope you found some time to watch the games...  I did manage to get a couple of games in:

Finland 5, Denmark 1

USA 5, Austria 1

Czech Rep. 4, Latvia 2

Norway 5, Sweden 4 (SO)

Russia 6, Slovenia 4

Canada 9, France 1

Slovakia 3, Germany 4

Switzerland 4, Belarus 1

This tournament has been interesting to date, that's for sure.  Norway beating Sweden is a stunner, and Germany going 2-0 vs. Russia and Slovakia is amazing, too.  Slovenia even coming close against Russia is incredible, and believe it or not they outshot the Russians by 10 shots in that game.  Canada is the only team really to win big against one of the smaller teams.  

Today's games are the Czech Republic vs. Denmark and the USA vs. Norway (on now), followed by Latvia vs. Finland and Sweden vs. Austria (8:15 PM local, 2:15 PM EST).  

I'll post that Group D preview right away, but just to let you know my honest prediction for the group was 1. Czech Republic, 2. Finland, 3. Denmark, 4. Latvia.

Obviously other big news was the massive hit by Arturs Kulda (LAT) on Radek Martinek (CZE).  Kulda has been suspended 3 games, while Martinek is out for the tournament and the injury could affect his NHL season.