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List of Passengers On Board Fatal Yak-42 Flight

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Lokomotiv_yaroslavl_logo_medium An official listing of the passengers on board the flight that killed nearly the entire KHL club Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (team logo on right) has been released.  Investigation into the flight and aircraft is being conducted, and this story will play itself out in the coming weeks and months.  The KHL will resume action again on Thursday with the three remaining scheduled games, and a decision will have to be made as to how to proceed further in the season.  For now, though, we can only mourn the losses and hope for the best from the two survivors. 

The fourty-three deceased were:

Fatalities of Sept 7, 2011 Yaroslavl Crash
Name Nat. Age Position/Title
Vitaly Aikeyenko Ru_medium 24 Defenseman
Mikhail Balandin Ru_medium 31 Defenseman
Gennady Churilov Ru_medium 24 Centre
Pavol Demitra Sk_medium 36 Centre
Robert Dietrich De_medium 25 Defenseman
Marat Kalimulin Ru_medium 23 Defenseman
Alexander Kalyanin Ru_medium 23 Right Wing
Andrei Kiryukhin Ru_medium 24 Right Wing
Nikita Klyukin Ru_medium 21 Centre
Stefan Liv Se_medium 30 Goaltender
Jan Marek Cz_medium 31 Centre
Sergei Ostapchuk By_medium 21 Left Wing
Karel Rachunek Cz_medium 32 Defenseman
Ruslan Salei By_medium 36 Defenseman
Maxim Shuvalov Ru_medium 18 Defenseman
Karlis Skrastins Lv_medium 37 Defenseman
Pavel Snurnitsyn Ru_medium 19 Left Wing
Daniil Sobchenko Ru_medium 20 Centre
Ivan Tkachenko Ru_medium 31 Left Wing
Pavel Trakhanov Ru_medium 33 Defenseman
Yuri Urychev Ru_medium 20 Defenseman
Josef Vasicek Cz_medium 30 Centre
Alexander Vasyunov Ru_medium 23 Left Wing
Alexander Vyukhin Ua_medium 38 Goaltender
Arten Yarchuk Ru_medium 21 Left Wing
Brad McCrimmon Ca_medium 52 Head Coach
Alexander Karpovtsev Ru_medium 41 Assistant Coach
Igor Korolev Ru_medium 41 Assistant Coach
Yuri Bakhvalov Ru_medium ?? Video Operator
Aleksandr Belyavev Ru_medium ?? Equipment Manager
Nikolai Krivonosov Ru_medium ?? Fitness Coach
Yevgeni Kunnov Ru_medium ?? Massage Therapist
Vyacheslav Kuznetsov Ru_medium ?? Massage Therapist
Vladimir Piskunov Ru_medium ?? Administrator
Yevgeni Sidorov Ru_medium ?? Coach/Analyst
Andrei Zimin Ru_medium ?? Team Doctor
Andrei Solomentsev Ru_medium ?? Pilot
Igor Zhivelov Ru_medium ?? Co-Pilot
Nadezhda Maksumova Ru_medium ?? Flight Attendant
Vladimir Matyushin Ru_medium ?? Flight Engineer
Elena Sarmatova Ru_medium ?? Flight Attendant
Elena Shavina Ru_medium ?? Flight Attendant
Sergey Zhuravlev Ru_medium ?? Mechanic

Survivng the flight are Alexander Galimov (26 year old Russian defenseman) and Alexander Sizov (Flight Engineer).  Best wishes go out for their survival and recovery from this terrible ordeal. 

May all the victims rest in peace.