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IIHF World Championships: Day 5 Open Thread

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Today's games lack a bit in terms of highly anticipated match-ups, but does feature a good Finland-Switzerland match-up for top of the Helsinki Group. Kazakhstan and Belarus try and get their first win of the tournament in the opener, while Latvia and Italy try and start a win streak after strong wins their last time out. The action closes out with Germany trying to rebound from their loss to Latvia by taking on undefeated Russia.

Rank Team 1 Team 2 City CEST Start EST Start
1 Belarus Kazakhstan Helsinki 3:15 PM 9:15 AM
2 Latvia Italy Stockholm 4:15 PM 10:15 AM
3 Finland Switzerland Helsinki 7:15 PM 1:15 PM
4 Russia Germany Stockholm 8:15 PM 2:15 PM

You can watch the games live on YouTube (or you know, maybe you can't).

Injury updates: Simon Moser of Switzerland (knee) is out for the tournament, as is Joel Lundqvist of Sweden (fractured orbital bone). The Swiss have replaced Moser with ZSC Lions forward Thibaut Monnet.