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Puck Worlds Moving To

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If you're a follower of other sites around the SB Nation network, you are no doubt aware of the changes happening to the platform switch and re-branding of the entire network known as SB Nation United. Puck Worlds is being affected in a different way with these changes. As part of the switchover, Puck Worlds will no longer be a stand alone blog, but rather a section of If you enter in as a url, it will re-direct you to my work at instead. So you won't have to change your links.

I will continue to provide coverage of international hockey events and news about the sport's growth around the world, just in a different format. It's hoped that the change will bring more attention to the issues raised on this blog, making the material here more accessible. However, there will be some substantial changes to the interactions that you the reader can engage in on this website. No longer will FanShots be supported here, or FanPosts.

The nature of this website is a bit different than other ones on the network as a result of the 'big picture' focus I try and bring to the stories I write about. This network is based on the shared attachment between the writers and their readers in their love of their teams, and Puck Worlds has been always an oddball in its focus on writing on disparate yet important events that reflect the global nature of the sport of hockey. I appreciate greatly the regular readership on this website, and look forward to reading your comments after the switchover on the main network.

The next 18 months promises to be an exciting time for international hockey events and professional and junior leagues that aren't part of the NHL's umbrella. This year we will learn who the final three qualifiers are for the men's tournament of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, as well as the two remaining qualifiers for the women's tournament. With the NHL lockout this season, we're seeing a higher quality of competition in every league in the world as part of a trickle down effect. The 2013 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships in Ufa, Russia, could be of a higher quality of play than normal as a result. And if, heaven forbid, the NHL lockout wipes out the entire 2012-13 NHL season, the IIHF World Championships will be the top hockey played in the world this hockey season. I plan on providing you with the highest quality of coverage possible for all of these cherished hockey events.

On a personal note, I too am moving, leaving my work and home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a year abroad in the much less hockey crazy locale of Melbourne, Australia. As SB Nation United moves my website, I too will be making a big move. I hope to provide some stories up close on the development of the sport in the southern hemisphere, most of which is centered in what will be my new city.

On another note, there is a new Puck Worlds logo, which will be unveiled as part of the move. It's fantastic.

Thank you to all of you for being a part of Puck Worlds' first life. I hope you all continue to follow the news we provide in the new format.