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North American Hockey

League Equivalencies and NHL Rookies

Utilizing league equivalencies tells us a lot about the quality of young players that are close to reaching the NHL. Here's how NHL rookies for the past 4 years have looked vs. the current crop before their careers began.

NHL Should Ditch Conferences in Re-Alignment

With NHL Re-Alignment a hot topic around the hockey world, its time to re-examine the NHL's competitive balance. The elimination of a conference based schedule and playoff structure is a logical place to start.

On The Bear Hug Rule

Some notable NHL figures, led by Brian Burke, are proposing a rule change to allow players to 'bear hug' a player under the guise of injury prevention. Such a rule change seems, well, completely ridiculous, and here's why.

Team Rankings: NHL Done IIHF Style

The IIHF sticks by their formula for determining which men's and women's hockey programs are the best in the world. But does the formula hold up when applied to club hockey, particularly the NHL?

Kevin Prendergrast on Canadian Goaltending

Kevin Prendergrast, Hockey Canada's Chief Scout, thinks Canada is producing less elite goalies due to overcoaching. Read this to find out just how wrong he is.

Hockey Deprived Americans

In the latest look at the North American hockey scene, we examine the places in the USA that are lacking in hockey options for the fan. This includes NHL, as well as various minor leagues that appeal to fans of various stripes.

Amateur Hockey Culture By State

Hockey participation rates across the USA are growing at an impressive rate. Here's a state by state comparison of 'hockey culture', seeing how many people are involved in the game compared to the population of the state.

The North American Hockey System

Canada and the United States of America are battling it out for global supremacy on the international stage, with several different levels of hockey leagues and separate systems for player development. Here, we look at the leagues that make up the hockey entertainment options for fans around the continent, and where the game is showing signs of growth.